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Travel Tips

Tips for Touring the Site

Useful travel tips to enjoy one of the magnificent places on earth - the Angkor wat

Considering its immense size and splendor, touring Angkor Wat and other important spots of interest surrounding it can prove to be a daunting task especially if it has to be toured within a stipulated period of time. But just like there is a solution and strategy for anything difficult is available, the tips we provide you here in this page can be of great use.

Choose the ideal place for stay

As mentioned earlier the historical sites are huge and require more days to explore them but if you are planning for a short stay of few days or weeks we suggest you book your boarding and lodging facilities nearby Angkor Wat to avoid waste of time travelling and spending. This is why most of the travelers opt to stay at Siem Reap.

Be an early bird and plan wisely

If you are among those travelers who dream to the see the place at sunrise or sunset, try to make plans prior to the day of visit considering the huge crowds thronging the place to get the glimpse of it. If possible hire a tuk-tuk or taxi well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments due to unavailability of vehicles or drivers. Expect traffic jams too, so start early.

Bike or tuk-tuk?

We strongly advise travelers to engage a tuk-tuk instead of hiring a bike because many travelers end up getting their face burnt due to harsh sun and experience exhaustion after a long ride. But when you are renting a tuk-tuk note down something unique to it so that you can spot your vehicle easily among various similar looking vehicles crowded in that particular area.

Drivers know a great deal about the place

Hiring a driver would be the best choice for they know the place in and out, are skilled and can provide you valuable tips to enjoy the most. They normally charge a nominal fee of $10 per day to show around places and can even double up as personal guides.

Make your own tour plan and make the most of the available time

While making a touring plan, it is better to follow your choice of plan instead of following the standard plan. This way you will not miss the areas of your interest and desire without wasting time unnecessarily and also avoid huge crowds following a similar touring pattern.

Having a detailed map and a book about the place will definitely prove worthy.

Admission tickets and their optimum use

Since Angkor Wat is of great historical significance, you need to understand that you need to buy admission tickets to access the sites. There are passes available on a daily basis or for stipulated days. But what you need to understand is, a three day ticket is valid for a week and allows visiting on any three days of your choice within that week likewise, a seven day ticket is valid for nearly a month but to be used on any seven days of your choice. This is to help you travel in leisure.

Though most of the temples can be visited using the admission pass, some might not be like the Koh Ker and Beng Mealea which can be visited by purchasing an extra $10 pass.

Beware of the hot sun

You need to understand that you are travelling to a tropical country with lot of sunshine. It is therefore wise to carry an umbrella, hat, sun block lotions and of course enough water.

You are visiting temples. Stick to a modest dress code

Keep in mind that this place is not only known for its ruins but also houses many temples and is still a religious place to many locals. Hence visitors are expected to dress modestly, covering their shoulders and attires reaching below the knees.

Other practical and money conserving tips

  • You will be able to find vendors selling foods, snacks, juices and water only around the complex of Angkot Wat and not inside them. Even if you have to use the toilet you need walk over one kilometer to use the facility, so plan accordingly.
  • The walkways and paths in most of the places might not be well maintained or smooth, not to mention the steep stairs leading to the towers. So, aged travelers and those with physical disabilities should think over these hurdles and make alternate arrangements accordingly. We recommend such travelers to take a break in between and using appropriate tools.
  • Admission pass options are $20 USD per day, $40 USD for 3 days and $60 USD for 7 days. Now you know which one is better.
  • Purchasing the pass after 5 pm will not only permit you to enter the park and watch the sunset before it actually closes but also save the remaining 1, 3 or 7 day’s validity to tour around temples and other places of interests.
  • Eating a meal inside the temple premises will not only prove cost-efficient but also prove to be a sumptuous one than having it outside the temple premises.
  • Having the local currency at hand would be the wisest thing than to come and covert it in Siem Reap because you are likely to lose a considerable amount if you exchange it at the local shops.