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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are application to all users who use sramholidays.com webpage or site. By doing business (buying products or services) with sramholidays, you agree to acknowledge these terms and conditions.

In case of any comments or queries regarding our terms and conditions, you are most welcome to contact us at info@sramholidays.com via email.

Sramholidays has all the right to allow, reject or cancer any order even without giving prior information to the customer, as we wish.

By buying products or services from sramholidays.com, the buyer consents with the company law by not trying to make use of other customers or user’s passwords, account information or names with or without user approval.

Sramholidays strictly prohibits others from copying, posting, uploading, downloading, distribution, publication, redistribution, republication, disassembling, recompilation, transmission, modification, retransmission or commercial misuse of any proprietary material available on or via our webpage under the copyright law.

Sramholidays is not associated with websites that may be coupled to the company’s official website via hypertext. The web link or company listed on the webpage does not mean any approval and sramholidays will not take any accountability for the tools, products, services of the websites listed on its page. A document might have links to any other website, over which sramholidays has no power or control. Any link appearing on our webpage does not indicate any connection with sramholidays site or the contents in it. The website links might be offered for the convenience of users alone, users can access them at their own risk.

When the buyer makes a decision to buy a product or service from sramholidays, it is solely his/her decision. We (sramholidays) cannot give any guarantee of the effects based on the decision, we honor our clients and so their requests. By making use of any link or document for searching another website or page, the buyers understands and agrees that she/he might not be eligible to construct any claim or declaration against sramholidays for any losses or indemnity, including but not restricted to indirect, direct, consequential and special damages. The content and information supplied in sramholidays webpage is for information purpose alone. Pricing is done based on specific products and services and is not applicable for the effects (if any caused) in any manner. Pricing will not be same all the time as it is likely to change based on supply, availability, demand and exclusivity of the products and services. We would like to reiterate that it is no way concerned with the effects or developments.

The images used on sramholidays website are purely for illustration purpose and might differ slightly or completely in real-time.