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About Angkor wat

Angkor Wat is one of the worlds biggest religious monuments with a rich historical and cultural heritage that still brims with natural beauty. Situated in Cambodia, this magnificent structure full of myths, legends and wonders has earned a special place among the famous UNESCO’s World Heritage sties attracting millions of tourists all around the year. Built in the early years of the 12th century by Suryavarman II – a Khmer king, this temple was dedicated to the Hindu Vaishnavaite deity “Lord Vishnu” breaking from the stereotypical Shaiva tradition of his predecessors.The stone carvings found in this temple stand proof for the Khmer’s meticulous planning and execution methods that has led to its completion within an unbelievably short period of 32 years. It is believed that nearly 50,000 workers were involved in the construction work to complete this extraordinary structure in the year 1145. It is said that during the verge of the declining civilization, Buddhist monks worked hard to preserve this temple and its monuments which during a course of time gradually transformed it into a Buddhist temple.

Inside Angkor Wat
Inside Angkor Wat Place

Angorwat temple features a 65 meters tower that is nearly 213 foot tall in the center encircled by four towers of smaller sizes along with a sequence

of enclosure walls resembling “Mount Meru” - a sacred sanctum according to Hindu mythology is believed to be located beyond the Himalayas,

considered as god’s abode. All these qualities qualify this temple as the Fifth Dham.

Sqaure-sanctuary layout, Banteay srei (built 967 CE)
Sanctuary Plan

Angorwat’s sacred part is its Sanctuary where the idol of Lord Vishnu is kept. The plan symbolizes a three staged journey that could help humans attain salvation via enlightenment. The most salient characteristic is the temple’s cosmological connection. What astonishes everyone is the sophistication with which the geometry of the temple is created and its alignment with the constellation in the sky called “Draco”. Even the measurements of this temple were associated with the astrological measurements making the architectural plan act as a tool to help humans connect with the divinity.



Recommend to Stay 3-15 Days

Visa on Arrival - Yes


Typical Costs


Hotel Prices

Hostel accommodation is ideal for independent travelers and backpackers who wish to enjoy the most and stay comfortable at a shoe string budget. Dormitory type of rooms in Siem Reap with basic facilities like a room with cold shower and a fan begins at $2 USD for a night’s stay while a private bathroom with hot water facility can be anywhere near $15 USD for a night. Some hostels have nice pools, provide Free WiFi as a standard service and can even offer free breakfast.


Average Cost Food

There are plenty of eateries and food stalls in and around Angorwat and Siem Reap selling delicious local food items and meals starting from $2 to 7 USD. The grilled foods, fresh juices and fruits are must-try items that are not only hygienic and tasty but also are light on the pocket costing less than $1.50 USD. Small food vendors can be seen even during night time catering food for the tourists who throng the place to enjoy the temple ruins by moon / star light.

Budget Hotel Price

At Siem Reap there are a plethora of budget hotels ranging from the most elegant and modern types to family-run guesthouses. A decent, standard room with hot water, Television and hot water facilities can cost around $12 - $ 15 USD for a twin or double occupancy while an accommodation with a pool facility can cost you $20 USD approximately. Travelers can even opt to occupy an entire apartment or home but expect to pay a minimum of $25 USD for each night stay.

Transportation Cost

Normally, the hotel or hostel facility where you stay can give good references to local transportation facilities including hired cars and Tuk – tuks. However you can also hire your own mode of transport. Drivers with vehicles are easy to find and can charge you anywhere from $15 to $30 USD per day to show around the place. If you are looking at more convenient and cost-effective transportation then Bicycles could be the right option. You can hire them for as less than $2 or $3 USD per day and explore the place at your own pace and schedule.

Suggested Daily Budget

Ideally, travelers might have to shell out anywhere from $30 to $50 USD per day. This is calculated based on the assumption that the stay is at a budget hotel or hostel, self-cooking or having food at local eateries and stalls and making use of local transportation facilities. If needed the budget can be even more reduced when bicycles are used to move around, if the accommodation is nearby the places of interest, if the currency is exchanged before hand at good Forex rates and so on. If you are bent on purchasing souvenirs for your loved ones it is suggested you buy from local craftsmen or road-side shops that sell authentic ones rather than purchasing them from a shopping complex or mall situated inside or around star-hotels.

Top things to See, Enjoy and Do at Angkor Wat

Top Things to See and Do at Angkor wat


The Bayan

This temple built by Jayavarman VII has 54 towers and features 216 faces situated at the center of Angkor Thom.According to the widely accepted theory,


Elephant Terrace

This is a vast platform covering a distance of nearly 1000 feet that primarily served the purpose of a viewing stand for the royals during ceremonies...


East Mebon

This temple was built to stay perched over a man-made island situated in the centre of a huge and elaborate man-made reservoir. It too like Pre Rup...


Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm gives an impression of entering a jungle with temple ruins. Though it is true in every sense, the place with iconic, humongous tree...


Banteay Srei

Also known as the Fortress of the women, Banteay Srei is illustrious for its intricate tapestry-like wall decorations carved on pink-hued sandstone...


Pre Rup

This colossal temple is a must-see wonder. King Rajendravarman is said to have built this virtual “Mount Meru” using a combination of construction materials...

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